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Our design and build process.

Discover our unique web design process at Oracle Design, where we devote ourselves to crafting fully bespoke websites that align perfectly with your vision. Our experienced design team brings your brand to life online, presenting captivating layouts, styles, and functionalities. With our ‘bespoke’ package, you’ll embark on an all-encompassing design journey, witnessing firsthand the seamless customer experience and captivating look of your website.

Website Design.

Our design process is divided into phases, and at each one, you have the chance to provide input and feedback. We make an effort to make it as collaborative as we can. We are consistently working towards a common objective, that your brand is reflected in the website’s design, and that the website will be produced on schedule and on budget.

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Kick-off meeting

We may have already met and had a quick discussion about the project, but let’s do it again to make sure everyone is on the same page. After the discussion, we can validate any additional design or functionality that is needed but is not included in this proposal, as well as the project’s timeline.


Ideally, we would want to see all of the content (as much as we can) upfront. As part of the build, we fill in all top level pages for you and train you (or can do this for additional) to fill in the rest of the site. This facilitates the design process and prevents unpleasant surprises during the project’s development. It will also aid in directing the wireframe and sitemap phases.


Designing and building a website is much more than creating a visual. Research into the industry along with understanding the importance of customer journeys, is the key to building a successful website. Before the design stage, we take our time to research and understand our clients, research the competitors, and get a full understanding of the main objectives of any project. This then helps the design phase to ensure the call to action is appropriately positioned, the navigation is simple, and important information is easy to find and presented well.

Site mapping

Our process starts with a site map and research phase, which is essential for laying the groundwork for the entire project. We carefully consider the user’s journey through the site during this phase, identifying exit points and other key targets that the site aims to achieve. As a result, we create a clear structure for the project that will guide the rest of the development process.


We work on wireframes internally as an initial step to create the website’s layout and functionality. This allows for quick decisions on the size, scale and positioning of elements while focusing on UX. This process goes through an internal review using our professional team's knowledge to make the right decisions. We can involve the client in this process and present this before the static design phase for an additional rate, so please ask us before the project start. This process results in a refined and effective final product.

Design and User Experience (UX)

After wireframing, static designs are created for desktop views to show all design elements, templates, and details. With our expertise in UX design, your website will offer an exceptional user experience that keeps visitors engaged, encourages interaction, and fosters lasting connections with your brand. Elevate your online presence with user-focused design today.

Responsive Design

Responsive layouts for devices can also be produced, please discuss with us if required, however the way we design and build our websites, usually this is not required for the client as we design and build to work fluidly across major devices.

Website build.

Once the design visuals are approved, we move on to the development of the website. The hand-crafted code will bring your visuals to life, we make a staging website which can be tested and optimised. The website is then uploaded to our test servers, where we can train you to implement content and prepare everything you need. The site will stay in this environment until you are ready for launch.

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Responsive Web Design

Mobile device web traffic has increased to more than 60% globally meaning visitors are increasingly finding pages through mobile devices. We ensure that any website we build is developed responsively as standard. Our responsive websites are developed specifically for each individual client, to ensure a professional and bespoke product.


Our team will develop a cutting-edge and user-friendly navigation menu that enables effortless access to information on various subjects. During the discovery phase, we will deliberate on the menu’s elements such as drop-down menus, burger menus or sticky menu functionality to meet your customers' needs. As outlined in our creative approach, we prioritise the user journey of each persona to ensure a straightforward and efficient experience. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for all users, regardless of their familiarity with our clients and their website.

Calls to Action

To maximise opportunities for user engagement, we will thoughtfully position prominent calls to action and contact reference points throughout the site. Our aim is to ensure that users can easily obtain more information and make contact at any point during their journey on the website. This approach ensures that no chance for outreach is overlooked, enabling all users to actively engage with the site.

UX Testing

A website needs to be equally functional as it is great looking. User experience (UX) is something we have great experience in and we add these skills to our design process to create digital products that are useful, usable, and desirable for the user. UX design involves understanding the needs, behaviours, and expectations of users, and designing interfaces that are intuitive, easy to use, and enjoyable, we strive to make this happen on your website.

Responsive Testing

We build and test in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Safari, and test across Mac and PC. We use a selection of emulators for mobile and tablet devices, as well as testing on numerous real-world iPhone, iPad and Android screen sizes. We also work closely with our clients to detect and resolve issues as they arise during development staging up until launch.


Blogging is highly recommended for almost any website project we take on. Not only is it a great way to connect with your audience, but it’s also fantastic for search engine optimisation.

Prepare launch.

The launch will take place on a designated date agreed upon with the client. Normally this is a Monday or Tuesday. As part of the launch we can add Google Analytics (supplied by the client), submit the website for Google indexing, cookie compliance pop-up added and in cases where a website is replacing an existing site, we can set up key re-directs of existing pages.

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Website Staging

We create a staging copy of your WordPress website, this allows you to implement content, test updates with peace of mind and then push changes live with ease.

Social Media Integration

We recognise the importance of social media for businesses and make certain that our websites are linked to the main social media channels. We offer a plugin to create attractive social feeds on your WordPress website that seamlessly blend with your theme. The generator ensures a quick setup process, and the feeds include clean text, images, and videos that can boost your site’s user experience and SEO value.

Contact Form

All our websites allow for the design and build of a base contact form, which can be placed throughout the site as needed. You will have the ability to customise the required contact fields. Contact forms can be bespoke and additional levels of contact forms can be discussed if required.

Website Security

Our recommended hosting provider prioritises website security. They offer auto daily backups, auto updates for popular CMS, and Encrypt SSL certificates at no additional cost. SSL certificates are renewed automatically, ensuring your website remains protected from potential threats.

Service Agreement

After launch, we give all our builds a 14-day warranty. This means that any bugs (not feature changes) that arise in those 14 days will be triaged and fixed free of charge. After those 14 days bug fixing will either be part of a service agreement or charged at an hourly rate. The reason for this is that technology advances too quickly for us to support all build indefinitely. Advancements in browsers and server technology mean that the solutions we deploy at launch are rarely the same solutions we would use a year from that point.

Green Hosting.



Our preferred hosting company is carbon neutral, offers 24/7 support and you will be setup with your own account access for this support or we can manage this for you, both options can be discussed. They are very well-reputed and manage all of the websites we build.



Our recommended hosting provider offers 24/7 global support, ensuring constant assistance for any technical issues. Their average response time of 15 minutes and real employee assistance guarantee a reliable and expert service.



The hosting provider employs advanced technologies, including LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server, Ultrafast PHP 8.1, HTTP/3, and accelerated full-page caching at the server level. These technologies prioritize site performance, resulting in lightning-fast loading speeds for your website.



With Oracle Design's hosting services, you'll have your own account access for 24/7 support. Alternatively, we can manage your hosting for you, providing flexible options to suit your preferences.

Optional extras.

At Oracle Design, we offer optional extra services for your website, including ongoing maintenance, SEO, Motion Graphics, Training and User manuals, and Photography and film. These add-ons are designed to enhance your online presence and provide a harmonious experience for your visitors.

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Ongoing Maintenance

At Oracle Design, all websites receive a 14-day warranty. We offer monthly or 3-monthly support packages for website maintenance, including manual backups of files and databases, updates for plugins and WordPress core, and secure storage of backup files. While we cannot be responsible for bugs due to the evolving internet and third-party elements, our ongoing maintenance support ensures your site stays updated and functional.

Website Security

Additional licences and security plugins can be added alongside the build, to further enhance the security, third-party charges will be incurred for these. We can recommend what could be implemented for your needs.

Training and User Manuals

We offer 1 hour WordPress training as part of the project, further training and a full in-depth, visual, user manual can be created if required for an additional charge.

SEO Packages

SEO is an ongoing and meticulously structured process comprising several crucial stages to attain optimal outcomes. At our esteemed establishment, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of packages, tailored to cater to a spectrum of requirements, from the foundational Basic tier to the comprehensive Advanced tier. This ensures that your website is thoroughly prepared for triumph, aligning impeccably with your budget and specific necessities.

Motion Graphics

We offer all manners of upgrades and features to the website, to improve interactivity and visual impact. Motion graphics and animation are a great way to improve user experience in key areas, such as an animated explainer video, showreel animation, storyboarding or moving icons and logos.

Photography and Film

A film introduction to the website home can help to immediately capture the attention of visitors to the website. It can create a visual impact and evoke emotions, which can encourage people to stay on the website and explore further. Including a video on a website can also improve search engine optimisation (SEO). Google and other search engines tend to rank websites with video content higher than those without, which can increase visibility and drive more traffic to the website


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