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09th Aug 2022 - Posted by Oracle

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As of 2022, on average, Britons will spend the equivalent of 22 years, one month and four days of their life online. Increasing through the years, people have become hooked online, with social media the most visited… to relax, catch up, and find where to go, what to do or buy.

So it is increasingly important to make use of your website and social media, develop a memorable brand and grab the attention of your visitors to these platforms. How can marketers do this, by taking hold, of the daily scroll? Well-designed content will catch the user’s eye, whilst scrolling through Instagram, and Facebook feeds. We can help make that impact for your brand and offer a multitude of services to do so.

In today’s digital age, grabbing attention online can be a challenging task. With so much content being produced and consumed online every day, standing out from the crowd requires creativity and strategy. Design work can be a powerful tool in this regard, as it has the ability to catch the eye and communicate a message in a visually compelling way.

How to grab the user’s attention

Great imagery or illustration, play an important role in online content and social media. Choosing the right images to tell the story or convey the right message to your users is essential for your brand, to evoke emotion that grabs the user’s attention.

Great graphics. Our design team can make your adverts pop, and the use of infographics can help you explain boring facts and figures with greater impact. Improving interaction and brand awareness or boosting sales.

Dance and play. Animation and film are becoming more and more used amongst social and web interactions, they provide that next-level immersive experience for your brand, quickly getting more messaging across than no other platform. Making logos jump, icons spin or explanatory animation really grabs the user’s imagination into what you have to offer.

Finally, keep it on brand. Whatever you choose to do, the most important element here is the tone of voice and instant recognisability. Take each opportunity to build brand awareness and memorability, be it a service or product, and make sure colour, image, styling, font and feel are consistent.

Overall, design work can be a powerful tool for grabbing attention online. By using bold colours, striking visuals, effective typography, and informative yet visually engaging content, We can create designs that stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of viewers.

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