Unveiling Bottled Blondie’s New Digital Stage.

23rd Oct 2023 - Posted by Oracle Design

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The Bottled Blondie Website displayed on a mobile phone, built by Oracle Design

Unveiling Bottled Blondie’s New Digital Stage: A Harmonious Web Experience.

In the heart of Cornwall, the music scene just got a little more vibrant with the digital debut of Bottled Blondie, a tribute band dedicated to celebrating the legendary Blondie. At Oracle Design, we embarked on a harmonious journey to craft a website that echoes the pulsating energy of this iconic tribute act.

About Bottled Blondie.

Bottled Blondie Tribute Band, a musical gem in Cornwall’s crown, has been captivating audiences with their spirited homage to the iconic American rock band Blondie. Renowned for their dynamic live performances and faithful renditions of Blondie’s greatest hits, they have solidified their place as one of the premier tribute acts in the UK.

The Web Experience.

Design in Harmony: Our first task was to translate Bottled Blondie’s vivacity into the digital realm. The website design harmoniously mirrors their branding, creating a visually engaging and immersive online stage.

Capturing the Beat: Visitors are treated to an array of live performances showcased through embedded video links, providing a front-row seat to the energy and enthusiasm that defines Bottled Blondie on stage.

Responsive Design: Recognising the diverse ways fans access the web, we ensured the site was crafted with responsive design. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the experience remains seamless, reflecting our commitment to accessibility.

Tour and Event Dates: For the fans and soon-to-be fans, we curated a section detailing upcoming tour dates and events. External links provide easy access to more information, ensuring everyone has the chance to catch Bottled Blondie live.

Behind the Scenes: A dedicated Blog/News section invites visitors to delve deeper into the world of Bottled Blondie. From behind-the-scenes anecdotes to exciting announcements, it’s the go-to space for staying updated.

Stay Connected: To foster a sense of community, we integrated social media links, allowing fans to seamlessly connect with Bottled Blondie across various platforms.

Let’s Talk Music: For enquiries, collaborations, or just to say hello, we crafted a Contact form – a virtual stage door for fans and potential collaborators to reach out.

Wrapping Up: Unveiling the Encore.

As Bottled Blondie takes their digital stage, Oracle Design is thrilled to have orchestrated a virtual experience that echoes the heart and soul of their live performances. This website is not just a digital space; it’s a dynamic showcase, a gathering place, and a celebration of the enduring magic of Blondie.

Explore Our Services: Curious about the creative symphony behind Bottled Blondie’s digital presence? Dive into our services, where innovation meets design, and every project is a stage waiting to come to life.

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Join the Encore: Ready for the next act? For the latest news, updates, and an intimate look behind the scenes, explore Bottled Blondie’s official website

It’s the ultimate destination for all things Blondie-inspired.

As the music plays on, Oracle Design remains dedicated to crafting digital experiences that resonate. We invite you to explore, connect, and join us on this digital journey.


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