Oracle Design's Collaboration with MIX.

27th Oct 2023 - Posted by Oracle Design

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Explore the collaboration between MIX and Oracle Design.

From brand identity, logo design and signage to a dual website design, Oracle Design has significantly contributed to enhancing MIX’s local presence.

Discover MIX: A Local Hub with a New Look.

Situated at the heart of Newquay, MIX is more than just a local cafe; it’s a welcoming space where locals and visitors alike can unwind. Recently, MIX expanded its offerings with a contemporary Workspace, a place designed for professionals seeking a collaborative environment.

Crafting a Distinct Identity.

When MIX approached Oracle Design, the objective was clear: create an identity that reflects the cafe’s bustling atmosphere. We worked to develop a logo and branding materials, including designs for clothing, coffee cups, and various print materials. Our goal was to blend seamlessly with MIX’s local appeal, enhancing recognition and engagement.

Introducing the new website.

Embark on a digital journey with MIX’s revamped website, a project undertaken by Oracle Design. The introduction of a dual site structure for MIX Cafe Bar and MIX Workspace posed a unique challenge—keeping them distinct yet interconnected. The result? An integrated experience, allowing visitors to seamlessly explore MIX’s culinary delights and modern collaborative workspace. Discover how this dual website design has brought tangible and cohesive results for MIX, enhancing its local presence.

Navigating the Digital Landscape: The Dual Website Challenge.

As MIX evolved, so did its digital presence. Oracle Design took on the task of revamping the website. With the two different branches within MIX, we discussed how best to approach this. So we introduced a dual site structure for MIX Cafe Bar and MIX Workspace. The challenge was to keep them distinct yet interconnected, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Integrated Experience: The home page serves as a digital crossroads, allowing visitors to choose their path without feeling overwhelmed.

Cafe Bar.

Dive into the heart of MIX’s Cafe Bar through our specially crafted website section. Here, we present a curated showcase of our culinary offerings and signature drinks. Delve into our menus, explore venue hire details, and stay updated on the latest events. From what’s on the menu to the happenings at MIX, find it all conveniently placed. Additionally, discover how to connect with us effortlessly through provided contact information and user-friendly forms. This section is your online gateway, designed and built by Oracle Design for a seamless experience at MIX Cafe Bar.

Explore the Cafe Bar, where patrons can learn about MIX’s culinary offerings and signature drinks.


Embark on a journey through MIX’s dedicated Workspace section, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of contemporary professionals. Our website elegantly showcases the array of collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, and a podcast room available in MIX Workspace. Navigate through pages detailing workspace options, pricing, and offerings tailored to suit diverse professional requirements. Find comprehensive information about MIX Workspace, including contact forms and details for communication. Oracle Design takes pride in crafting this digital space to ensure a user-friendly experience for all seeking the ideal workspace solutions at MIX.

Discover the Workspace, tailored for modern professionals seeking collaborative spaces, content pods, and a podcast room.

Real Results for MIX.

The dual website design successfully integrates the distinct personalities of the Cafe Bar and Workspace, creating a cohesive online presence. As MIX continues to be a local gathering place, Oracle Design remains a committed partner, ready to provide ongoing support and enhancements.

Explore MIX at Your Own Pace.

Whether you’re interested in the Cafe Bar or the Workspace, MIX welcomes you. It’s not just a place; it’s a local experience ready for exploration.

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