Dyslexia Cornwall.

Brand Identity. Web Design.

Dyslexia Cornwall has a new website design and development.
This included the creation of a new brand, logo, colours, fonts, inspirational quotes, and icon design.

An open laptop displaying the Dyslexic Cornwall website that was designed and built by Oracle Design

Dyslexia Cornwall is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation providing outreach services and support for dyslexic children and adults, their families, educators, employers and the wider community. Since becoming established in 1991 they have provided high-quality services across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and they continue to raise public and professional awareness of dyslexia throughout the region.

Their mission statement is to create a dyslexia-friendly society and to help enable dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential, through campaigning for appropriate provision in schools, colleges and the workplace and maintaining a high-quality service that is centred on their users’ needs. Dyslexia Cornwall is independently funded and is an affiliate of the British Dyslexia Association.

An example of how Oracle design came up with the concept of the Logo for Dyslexia Corwnall

Logo & Brand Identity.

Using colours and typography, which cater for dyslexics

As formally known, Cornwall Dyslexia Association were looking for a full re-brand of the charity and re-naming it to Dyslexia Cornwall. We began the project by looking at the new brand identity and brand guidelines. Initially, we created 3-4 logo concepts and developed these from the client’s requirements to the finished logo. The capital ‘D’ provides a strong shape, which has been combined with a simplified hand making a looking glass. The negative space contains a speech bubble and an eye, all elements the client wanted us to use within the symbol if we could. Typography had to be easy to read, and rounded to be more friendly to the eye. Due to the way dyslexics read, the letter ‘a’ had to be specifically lowercase with the alternative option on the letter ‘a’, being a single story form, larger ‘x’ height, short extenders and a wide body.


Web Design & Build.

Responsive website for mobile, tablet and desktop

A new website design and development was created for Dyslexia Cornwall. This included the new brand, logo, colours, fonts, inspirational quotes, icon design and even the installation of ‘Recite’ which caters for all dyslexic viewers, enabling them to change the font size to be easily read, the colouring of text and the page in which it sits, languages, zooming into the page and more.

To see the Dyslexia Cornwall website design, see it here:


A visual of a mobile phone displaying the Dyslexic Cornwall website that was designed and built by Oracle Design
Different examples of the Dyslexia Cornwall branding. As is seen on business cards, a smartphone website, and a t-shirt. Designed by Oracle Design.
Branding examples by Oracle Design, showcasing the Dyslexia Cornwall on printed posters and brochures.
The Dyslexia Cornwall Branding and logo. Brand by Oracle Design
An example of the Dyslexia Cornwall stationary and letterheads. By Oracle Design.
A selection of quotes from different well-known persons.

The Dyslexia Cornwall website home page


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