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Fedrigoni are one of the top paper providers in the world for printing, packaging & labels.

A big open room displaying the Fedrigoni brochures on stands for the Fedrigoni event

Fedrigoni is one of the top paper specialists for printing, labels, packaging and paper products. With eleven warehouse branches in Italy and seven abroad, Fedrigoni creates specially customised paper products for designers like us and they are one of our favourites for our clients’ projects and we love using their beautiful stocks.

For the past five years, we have been among a select few lucky design agencies and creatives to be invited to design for their yearly calendar, known as Fedrigoni 365.

Fedrigoni 365 – 2023
Love, validation or something in between? In the age of social media, love, appreciation and adoration, are all expressed through number – the number of likes, comments and interactions. The heart symbol has become social currency – a quantification of love and is both as problematic as it is gratifying. 12th April 2023 by Oracle Design.⁠

The 2023 Fedrigoni calendar celebrates the idea of ‘love’ as the core inspiration behind each design. The book contains 365 individual labours of love, printed on beautiful hues of red to pink from Fedrigoni’s fine papers. The calendar is a reminder to love more and to love harder.⁠

Multiple Fedrigoni 365 calendar brochures scattered on top of each other
The 2023 Fedrigoni 365 brochure front cover in its opened Love wrapping paper
The Oracle design page for the 2023 Fedrigoni 365 calendar. A simple but elegant design of a love heart and a social media
The 2022 Fedrigoni brochure in its original gold cover.

Fedrigoni 365 – 2022
Four separate volumes, each created by a different print partner, make up the edition. On the muted colours of Materica paper material, everyone showed off their technical and creative prowess. October 7th, by Oracle Design.

The 2022 Fedrigoni brochure with the different volumes scattered out of the cover.
Oracle designs page in the Fedrigoni 2022 calendar showcasing the design work for the 7th of October.

Fedrigoni 365 – 2021

The 2021 project has been an amazing feat of engineering by the Fedrigoni 365 team. We were this time tasked to design the number ’27’ and given one word to inspire the design, which was ‘Fill’. We decided to create a pouring aspect to the number ‘7’ which is filling up the number ‘2’ with liquid, the outcome looks great in print and we are proud to once again be part of this fine collaboration amongst the design industry. Bringing together hundreds of creatives this year, Fedrigoni used cutting-edge digital printing and made a limited edition print run of just 4,000 copies. Each book contains a unique collection of 365 designs, printed on the Ricoh digital five-colour Pro C7200 x machine, allowing each book to be entirely different from cover to cover. All profits from previous editions have been donated to charity, so far raising over £15,000.

Fedrigoni 366 – 2020
As 2020 was a leap year, there were 366 leading UK-based creatives invited to design for the project. We were tasked to design the number 29 with the theme ‘slice’ behind this. The result was a beautiful collection of work from the very best of UK creativity. Fedrigoni 366 is a multi-coloured book which incorporated 16 colours from the Fedrigoni ‘Woodstock’ paper range. The covers of the book each had a different colour from the range and colours assorted throughout. The book was 400 pages and featured an incredible 8-page double-wrapped cover.

The Fedrigoni 365 2021 brochure cover. Zoomed in on the corner which mentions Oracle Design.
The Oracle Designed page for the Fedrigoni 2021 365 brochure calendar. Showing a 7 tilted and pouring into the 2 number.
The Fedrigoni 365 2021 brochure cover. Zoomed in on a corner titled Oracle Design.

Fedrigoni 365 – 2019

We sadly missed 2019, due to our founder travelling on a surf trip, I think we can let this one go… after all, work hard, play hard.

Fedrigoni 365 – 2018

The 2018 edition, was the first and one of our favourites. It was a privilege to be invited alongside some of the UK’s leading creatives to be featured in such a unique project of togetherness, which would form the Fedrigoni annual Calendar. We were asked to design ‘December 11 th’, so we decided to use our ‘circular’ brand elements with Roman numerals to create more form and definition. Again, each design from each agency is an interpretation of a date that was provided at random to each participant. The challenge was to restrict the designer to one colour print, a lovely silver Pantone, which would be applied to a single colour paper. It created a gorgeous visual story which varied from page to page and spread to spread.

Two people looking at a wall displaying the different pages from the Fedrigoni 365 calendar brochure.
Multiple variants of the Fedrigoni brochure laid out in rows
The Fedrigoni 366 brochure opened and showed the cover and the rainbow of coloured pages.
The Oracle designed page for the Fedrigoni 366 brochure. A black page with a white circle with the number 29 inside.
A close-up shot of the Fedrigoni brochure. With the text 366 designers, 16 papers, and 1 book.
A close-up shot of the Fedrigoni 2018 365 brochure. A black brochure listing all the individual designers and agencies that worked on the project.
The Oracle designed page for the Fedrigoni 365 brochure. A black page with a white circle with the number 11 as roman numerals.


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