Gered Mankowitz.

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Gered Mankowitz is a famous photographer for iconic images of musical artists, such as The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Slade, Oasis & many more.

Jimi Hendrix gallery web page displayed on a tablet designed and built by Oracle Design

Gered Mankowitz and our friends over at Digital Natives contacted us for a brand new e-commerce website design and build for the photographer’s huge portfolio of famous works. Gered has done it all for the best in the music industry, from album covers to magazines and advertisements. The task was to redesign and build his previous site into a more user friendly, visually appealing shop website that would improve sales and interactions. Also, for all work, the ability to make each individual photograph trackable, so digital natives can use this with social media targeted posts. The website was designed from scratch and built as a bespoke WordPress online shop.

The website can be viewed here:

About Gered Mankowitz web page displayed on a tablet designed and built by Oracle Design
Home Page displayed on a laptop designed and built by Oracle Design

The feedback has been excellent and overall the website is a great success – sales and enquiries have increased drastically and thanks for all your hard work!

Gered Mankowitz - Photographer
The website is displayed on mobile and designed and built by Oracle Design


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