MIX Café/Bar & Workspace.

Brand Identity. Signage & Wayfinding. Web Design.

Office space and café by day, après surf bar by night. MIX is Newquay's fresh take on work/life balance. Serving coffee and lunch by day, drinks and sushi by night. MIX bar offers everything from bubble tea, ground coffee, après beer, cocktails and sushi by night.

MIX NQY Brand Logo external Signage. Designed by Oracle Design

Rise and grind with a coffee and a day of productivity, followed by a post-work surf and sundowners. MIX required a fresh identity to appeal to a mass market of locals and holidaymakers alike. Fuel up with coffee and food by day, and let their hair down at night with cocktails and sushi. Logo and branding were developed, along with designs for clothing, coffee cups, and various print materials, as well as signage and way finding.

Mix Beverage and employee in Branded T-shirt, designed by Oracle Design
Mix Branded stationary and merchandise, Logo and branding by Oracle Design
Mix Beverage and employee in Branded T-shirt, designed by Oracle Design
A large group of people visited the Mix Cafe.Bar. Mix Logo and Signage Designed by Oracle Design
Mix Branded coffee cups, Logo and branding by Oracle Design

MIX Workspace.

Signage design and branding for the collaborative space to facilitate a work-life balance, with access to workspace, wellness and social amenities. MIX Workspace embraces technology, sustainability and business innovation. Located in the heart of Newquay, MIX Workspace signage is designed by Oracle Design, print, production and installation was by leading sign makers Cornwall Signs.

Mix Workspace External Wall Sign. Designed by Oracle Design

MIX Split-website design.

Our Task: Crafting a Dual-Focused Website for MIX Venue

Our mission was clear: to design a website that effectively showcases the diverse offerings of MIX, a vibrant destination in Newquay. With both a café/bar and a workspace, our challenge was to create a seamless user experience that highlights each aspect while maintaining a clear distinction between the two.

Our Solution: The Split Website Concept

We devised a split website strategy, providing users with two distinct paths to explore: the café/bar experience and the workspace amenities. By offering separate entry points, visitors can easily navigate to their desired section while still having the option to explore the other aspects of MIX if they wish.

Key Features:

Clear Distinction: Through intuitive design and navigation, we ensure that visitors immediately understand the difference between the café/bar and workspace offerings.

Dual Paths: Users are presented with clear options to delve into either the café/bar or workspace section, allowing them to seamlessly access the information they seek.

Cross-Exploration: Despite the separation, we implemented features that enable users to easily navigate between the café/bar and workspace sections, promoting exploration and discovery.

Check out the MIX website

Responsiveness: Recognising the importance of accessibility across devices, we ensured that the website is fully responsive. Whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile, users experience consistent functionality and visual appeal.


Our split website design effectively showcases the unique facets of MIX, catering to both leisure seekers and professionals alike, while providing a user-friendly experience that encourages exploration and engagement across all devices.

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