Oceanside Hotel.

Brand Identity. Web Design.

Name change, new brand & website, newly refurbished hotel. Newquay's Oceanside Lifestyle Hotel.

The Oceanside Website Displayed how it would be viewed on Tablets. The website was built and designed by Oracle Design

A Transformative Rebrand and Hotel Website Design.

Oceanside Hotel: Brand Identity and Hotel Website Design

Name change, new brand & website – Newquay’s Oceanside Lifestyle Hotel.

Cornwall’s newest lifestyle hotel, Oceanside in Newquay, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously known as the Carnmarth Hotel, the owners seized the opportunity to completely revamp the hotel, its offerings, target audience, branding, and website, aligning it with the expectations of modern-day clientele.

Oceanside Website is shown on a Laptop. Designed and built by Oracle Design

Hotel Rebrand: Creating a Bold New Identity.

Rebranding an already successful hotel is no small feat, especially when it involves a complete name change and a fresh look. Our mission was to create a bold, new identity for Oceanside Hotel that would resonate with its target audience. Starting from scratch, we developed a cohesive brand strategy that included:

Logo Design: Crafting a new logo that captures the essence of a lifestyle hotel.

Typography: Selecting fonts that convey sophistication and modernity.

Colour Palette: Choosing colours that evoke the coastal charm and vibrant atmosphere of Newquay.

Graphical Elements: Designing unique graphical elements to enhance brand recognition.

We then applied this new style guide across all marketing materials, print designs, social media, and signage, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand presence.

An External Photo of The Oceanside Hotel showing the Branding created by Oracle Design
Products and clothing displaying the Oceanside brand and logo. Design is by Oracle Design

Hotel Website Design and Build: A Seamless Online Experience.

With the new brand identity in place, we turned our attention to the hotel’s online presence. Our goal was to create a website that not only reflects the new brand but also provides an exceptional user experience. Here’s how we did it:

Custom Design: Each page of the hotel website was designed bespoke, with a focus on visual impact and ease of navigation.

WordPress Development: The website was built from scratch into a WordPress theme, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Sitemap Development: We carefully structured the sitemap to enhance user journey and SEO performance.

Visual and Functional Balance: Combining aesthetic appeal with user-friendly navigation, the new website offers more depth and detail about the hotel’s offerings.

You can explore the new hotel website here: Oceanside Hotel Newquay.

An External Photo of The Oceanside Hotel showing the Branding created by Oracle Design
The Oceanside Website Displayed how it would be viewed on Mobile and on Tablet. The website was built and designed by Oracle Design

Why Rebranding Matters.

A successful rebrand goes beyond just a new name and look. It’s about reshaping perceptions and creating a memorable identity that attracts and retains customers. For Oceanside Hotel, the rebrand was essential to:

Reach a New Audience: Attracting modern, lifestyle-oriented travellers.

Enhance Market Positioning: Standing out in the competitive Newquay hospitality market.

Boost Online Presence: Creating a website that converts visitors into guests.

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