TJ Books.

Brand Identity. Print Design. Web Design.

After a renaming process, we took TJ Books through a rebrand, design direction, and web design & development.

Visual demonstrations of TJ Books Website on Tablets, Built and designed Oracle Design

Formerly known as TJ International, TJ Books is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of quality books, producing on average 1,000 titles a month with a team of over 120 staff. Based in Padstow, Cornwall, they produce books of all shapes and sizes. From scientific textbooks, to authors to celebrity biographies.

Re-branding TJ Books.

A new look, a new direction. TJ Books needed to lift the brand into something more premium and credible for the high-quality of work they produce. They wanted to be more dynamic, contemporary, and professional. But they also wanted to be more informal than others, making them stand out and keeping the Cornish roots at the forefront.

A selection of the Brand Guideline pages that Oracle design created for TJ Books
Logo and brand colour alternatives created by Oracle Design

Logo Design.

We set about creating an adaptable, strong icon out of ‘TJ’ and nodding toward print or paper. Giving the idea of turning over a new leaf, turning the page, or opening a new chapter in the business’s development. We then looked at the shape of the ‘mark’ to give reference to bookmarks and small hints of the ‘Cornish’ flag with the lines through the middle.

We then developed a full brand style guide, which gave the client clear direction and progression of the brand and its usage. This covered everything from logo options, social media logo, Pantone colour references, fonts to use for headlines, sub-headings and body copy, quotations and strap-lines, through to how the brand can look in use.



Design for Print.

We designed various design for print, including gold foil edged, cut to shape business cards, with foils and embossing to front. We also design their yearly calendar and visualised vehicle graphics, posts, t-shirts and more to give the client the direction they needed to progress the brand internally, being a print company after all, they just needed a little steer.

TJ books Logo and printed business cards designed by Oracle Design
TJ books Website viewed on a Mac PC designed and built by Oracle Design

Web Design & Development.

After the rebranding was complete, we moved on to design the new TJ Books website, which was a huge improvement for the modern era. responding to the needs of responsive design and viewing across all devices. This helped bring the brand to life, standing out from the competition and developing additional content for their customers to understand exactly who they are and what they offer.

Have a look at the website here:


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