Brand Identity.

Inspire, affect change, solve problems, shift opinions.

Brand specialists, we focus on accomplishing successful outcomes through strategic, creative, design.

We create distinctive visual identities, that are built for growth.

Whether you’re bringing a new brand to life or refreshing a legacy, we develop your brand strategy through logo design and visual identity that aligns with your core messaging and overall company vision.

Our experienced creative team works closely with you to develop impactful and recognisable brands, implementing them across a wide range of marketing materials and resources to drive your brand presence forward.

We understand the significance of a logo. As the face of your business, it’s one of the most integral parts of your brand. We meticulously design logos that best represent your company, carefully considering every element, from font choice to application.

Our expertise in logo and brand design extends from small start-ups to large companies across a diverse range of industries, spanning the southwest UK, the wider UK, and internationally. No brand is too big or too small for us. We pride ourselves on delivering dynamic designs with unwavering enthusiasm from start to finish.

We are a branding agency based in Cornwall, UK. We specialise in creating brand identities, logos, and visual identities that help businesses grow. We believe that a strong brand identity is essential for any business that wants to be successful. We work with our clients to develop brand identities that are unique, memorable, and effective. We also offer a range of other branding services, including logo design, visual identity development, and brand guidelines.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service. We believe that our clients deserve to work with a branding agency that is passionate about their business and that is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. We are confident that we can provide our clients with the branding solutions they need to succeed.

We are the premier branding agency in Cornwall, UK. We have a proven track record of success in helping businesses develop strong brand identities that drive growth. We are a team of experienced designers and marketers who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our services. We would be happy to discuss your branding needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.



Research-driven design: Creating iconic brand identities

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Research and personality

To fully understand your brand, we perform insightful research. Every project is driven by design but led through strategy. To achieve a successful design strategy, we conduct a comprehensive research phase.

Brand immersion and objectives

We initiate each project with a thorough brand immersion session to ensure an optimal design direction. Together, we establish your organisation's current and long-term objectives. We examine your brand identity's visual inspiration to develop a brand identity, which is both modern and practical. Additionally, we perform research into the most effective brand methods to reflect your business and budget.

Collaborative brainstorming

Given the right budget, we invite clients to be part of our brainstorming sessions and creative review meetings during the research and discovery phase. This enables us to comprehend your brand and the direction you want it to go in more detail.

Creating unforgettable brand identities

Consumers are interacting with brands in new and exciting ways. It is our job to create an unforgettable and iconic brand that best reflects your company's ethos and personality.

Brand Strategy

Leveraging brand strategy for growth

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Understanding brand strategy

A brand strategy is a long-term plan for the growth of a brand, shaping how it is perceived by its audience. It involves ideas and application for influencing how others see your brand.

Maximising ROI through effective brand strategy

A well-executed brand strategy can maximise your return on investment (ROI) by emphasising long-term objectives and defining your company's identity and brand personality.

The power of strong brands

Consumers seek to associate themselves with reputable and well-known brands, making it crucial for businesses to create strong brands.

Defining your brand's purpose and architecture

We assist you in defining your brand's purpose and adding clarity to its architecture, enabling you to leverage your brand strategy for achieving your commercial objectives.

Driving brand success

Our brand strategy expertise drives success, by creating lasting brand impressions. With a clear purpose and thoughtful architecture, your brand can thrive.

Logo and Identity

Designing a lasting brand identity

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The impact of a logo

A logo holds significant influence over how your brand is perceived by customers, partners, investors, and the public. It is a decisive element in attracting new clients and making a lasting impression.

Collaborative creation

Working together with our creative team, we develop a logo and identity system that leaves a lasting impact and can evolve with your business as it grows.

Establishing visual and verbal identity

We lay the groundwork for your visual and verbal identity, ensuring your brand's personality is effectively communicated. Harnessing the power of words and imagery, we help you stand out in a competitive market and connect with your target audiences.

Reflecting key messages and vision

Following the research phase, we collaborate with your marketing team to create a brand look and feel that aligns with your key messages and overall corporate vision. We draw visual inspiration from diverse sources to design a unique identity.

A lasting impression

A well-crafted logo and identity system can make a lasting impression on your audience, setting the foundation for your brand's success and growth.

Crafting memorable brands for lasting impact and success.

Our branding agency specialises in creating impactful and recognisable brands through logo design and visual identity, aligned with your core messaging and company vision. With experience ranging from small start-ups to large international companies, we emphasise the power of branding to boost website traffic, discussions, media coverage and sales, making it essential for your business’s success.

Brand Guidelines

Building consistent brand identity with guidelines

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Importance of brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential criteria for accurately portraying your branding. They provide instructions on how your logo, colours, and messaging should represent your brand to the audience.

Controlling brand components

Establishing brand rules allows you to have control over how your brand's components are used. We create brand guidelines to ensure consistency and recognisability of your brand identity, enabling you to build a strong and recognisable brand by using its elements consistently and correctly.

Ensuring brand consistency

Brand standards are vital tools for maintaining brand consistency. Without guidelines, brands may evolve and change over time, potentially harming your reputation and brand value. We help create a robust set of guidelines to maintain a consistent standard across your brand.

Graphical Assets

Enhancing brand communication with graphical assets

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Understanding graphical assets

Graphical assets are visuals that aid in conveying an organisations brand and complement its logo. They serve as supplementary creative artwork and are not meant to function as logos or replace the brand logo.

Developing complementary visuals

We create graphical assets to assist communicators in enhancing the brand's message and staying consistent with the brand guidelines. These assets work in harmony with the logo to reinforce the brand identity.

Brand Application

Ensuring consistent brand application

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Implementing your brand across touch points

The brand application involves implementing your brand consistently across all customer touch points and marketing materials. Each interaction forms views, ideas, and assumptions about your brand as customers get to know it, making consistency crucial to build trust.

Establishing brand consistency

Leaving your brand open to many interpretations can hinder brand awareness. Consistency ensures that every interaction your clients have with your brand aligns with its promises and values. It's crucial to have a library of brand assets after we've created your brand identity so that all stakeholders may launch the brand.

Creating a uniform look and feel

We ensure all your brand components will have a uniform look and feel, giving visitors a consistent experience each time they engage with your brand. This fosters confidence and contributes to the development of a favourable perception of your product or service.

Marketing Materials

Effective marketing material strategies

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Understanding marketing materials

Marketing materials encompass a wide range of products or content intended to promote your business, products, or services. These materials serve as the face of your brand and play a crucial role in shaping how your audience perceives your offerings.

Connecting with your audience

We assist you in identifying marketing materials that connect with your audience most effectively. By monitoring their performance, we can create further materials to optimise your outreach.

Beyond business cards and brochures

Marketing materials extend beyond business cards and brochures to encompass all print services, social media channels, websites, displays, and emails. Maintaining a strong brand identity throughout ensures a clear and consistent message.


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