Welcome Chris Dyson to the team.

12th Oct 2022 - Posted by Oracle

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Oracle Design is a company that is experiencing rapid expansion, and to meet the demands of its growing client base, they have brought in Chris to help with various projects. Chris brings a unique skill set to the team, including his background in Business Management and IT Computing.

As a new addition to the team, Chris is excited to work with an ambitious, award-winning agency like Oracle Design. He is eager to assist the team in developing new services and expanding the company’s client base and services. In addition, he is determined to prove himself and gain new skills along the way. Chris has already completed coures in a UX design and Digital Marketing with Falmouth University to better understand the needs and expectations of Oracle’s clients.

Chris’s passion for SEO has also opened up new opportunities for Oracle Design to offer basic SEO services to clients. By using his knowledge to optimize their website content and structure, Chris can help clients improve their online visibility and attract more organic traffic. With his technical SEO skills, he can also improve website speed, structure, and user experience, resulting in higher search engine rankings and a better online experience for users. By offering SEO services, Oracle Design can provide more value to its clients and help them reach a wider audience online. Chris’s dedication to learning and implementing SEO will undoubtedly lead to increased success for both Oracle Design and its clients.

When he is not working, Chris enjoys spending time in his hometown of Newquay, Cornwall. As a lover of the outdoors, he enjoys surfing, playing football, and running. Additionally, he has a passion for music and computer programming.

Overall, Chris’s diverse skill set and enthusiasm for learning make him a valuable asset to the team. He will help Oracle Design continue to grow, expand its services, and build strong relationships with its clients.



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