Refining Pendower: Oracle Design’s Website Refresh.

27th Oct 2023 - Posted by Oracle

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The new Pendower Website updated and displayed across 2 tablet screens

Unveiling Progress: Oracle Design’s Journey with Pendower Development.

In the world of digital transformation, the Pendower Development website stands as an example of Oracle Design’s commitment to clarity, accessibility, and community engagement. Tasked with overhauling a dated platform, we embarked on a journey to create a digital space that disseminates information and fosters connection.

Background: The Call for Change

The Pendower Beach Hotel Regeneration Project deserved a digital presence reflecting its essence. The existing website displayed outdated information, prompting Pendower Development to turn to Oracle Design for a digital facelift.

Challenges Ahead

Every project has unique challenges. A short timeline demanded efficiency and precision. We had to deliver a revamped website within a tight timeframe. Another challenge was content accuracy, given the potential for ramifications. Oracle Design adopted a meticulous approach to ensure content precision.

User-Friendly Navigation

A cornerstone of our approach was creating a website for users of all technical backgrounds. Navigational simplicity became a focal point. The redesigned layout ensures that visitors can access the latest project information effortlessly.

Rich Information Repository

The website is more than surface-level information. From downloadable PDFs to detailed maps and informative drawings, it’s a one-stop shop for anyone seeking a deep dive into the Pendower Beach Hotel Regeneration Project.

Direct Contact Channels

Clear and easily accessible contact channels were integrated to bridge the gap between the project team and the public. Communication is key, and the website facilitates open dialogue by providing a straightforward method for inquiries.

Online Surveys

Oracle Design seamlessly integrated links to online surveys, encouraging the public to participate actively. This gathers valuable feedback and creates a sense of community involvement.

CGI Mock-ups

Visualisation is paramount. CGI mock-ups offer stakeholders and the public a glimpse into the proposed development, fostering excitement and anticipation.

Overcoming Time Constraints with Efficiency

Despite the pressing timeline, Oracle Design’s efficient workflow ensured the timely delivery of the revamped website.

Content Filling: A Hands-On Approach

Oracle Design took a hands-on approach to content filling, allowing the Pendower team to focus on their core responsibilities while we filled the website with a compelling online narrative.

Charting the Path Forward.

In revitalising the Pendower Development website, Oracle Design has created a dynamic space that evolves with the project. Navigating the complexities of a regeneration initiative is now simplified, promoting transparency, accessibility, and community engagement.

Explore the future of Pendower at Our Work. For inquiries or to discuss your own project, get in touch with us at Contact Us. As we continue this journey with Pendower Development, we invite you to be part of the conversation.

Visit the Pendower Development Website

Navigating the Design Spectrum with Oracle Design

Our journey with Pendower Development isn’t just about websites; it’s a testament to Oracle Design’s prowess across a spectrum of design domains. As we revitalized the Pendower Development website, it underscores our extensive offerings and commitment to delivering comprehensive design solutions.

Diverse Design Palette: Beyond Websites

While our collaboration with Pendower primarily focused on website revitalization, it’s essential to shed light on the broader design landscape we navigate at Oracle Design. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of services:

Brand Identity: Crafting unique brand stories that resonate.

Design for Print: Bringing your brand to life on tangible materials.

Web Design: Navigating the digital landscape with bespoke website solutions.

Packaging: Elevating your product presentation through innovative packaging.

Signage/Wayfinding: Guiding your audience seamlessly through physical spaces.

Digital Design: Harnessing the power of the digital realm for impactful visuals.

Illustration: Infusing creativity and artistic flair into every project.

Animation: Bringing concepts to life through engaging motion graphics.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Ensuring your digital presence doesn’t just exist but thrives.

A Symphony of Design Services

While the Pendower Development project primarily delved into web design, it’s indicative of our holistic approach. From meticulous brand identity creation to captivating motion graphics and the strategic implementation of SEO, Oracle Design orchestrates a symphony of design services tailored to unique needs.

Seamless Integration, Holistic Solutions

What sets Oracle Design apart is the seamless integration of diverse design elements. Although not every service was employed in this particular project, our full suite of offerings is always available to meet evolving client needs.

Collaborate with Oracle Design

Embark on a design journey that transcends boundaries. Whether you’re looking for a standout brand identity, captivating print materials, or a website that leaves a lasting impression, Oracle Design is your creative partner.

Explore Our Design Services and envision a future where your brand not only stands out but flourishes across every design touchpoint. Connect with Oracle Design today to redefine your digital and physical presence. Contact Us.


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